Terms of Service

Skunky Designs
Terms of Service (2016)


Payments and Deposits

  • Payments will only be received in the form of cash, or Paypal, however direct bank transfers may be accepted as a last resort.
  • Orders under $300 must be paid for in full before any work on the item commences.
  • Orders $300 and over require a deposit. Deposits are half of the total quote for the order. The deposit must be received before materials will be acquired. A further ¼ of the total amount must be paid before work on the order commences.
  • Deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind at a later date.
  • Payments for the order and shipping must be complete before the item will be delivered.
  • Payment plans may be discussed for each individual person, however, as above, a total of ¾ of the full amount must be received before works commence. The minimum payment for an order over $300 will be calculated so as that the payments will be completed 3 months after the payment plan commences.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • Refunds will not be given in full unless an order is unable to be completed due to unforeseen circumstances on the part of Skunky Designs.
  • If an order cannot be completed then payments may be refunded at the discretion of Skunky Designs. The order, regardless of completion status, will remain the property of Skunky Designs unless an arrangement can be made. Skunky Designs has the right to modify and/or sell the items in the order as they see fit if an arrangement cannot be made.
  • If at any time during the creation process you decide that you no longer want your order, a particular item in your order, or if you fail to make payments, Skunky Designs has the right to retain, modify and/or sell the item and/or order. A refund may be given, however you may lose some or all of your deposit on the item and/or order due to consumption of time and materials.
  • Refunds for items that have been received are given at the discretion of Skunky Designs.


  • Once an item has been posted it is no longer our responsibility. This includes items that are lost, delayed, or damaged in transit (unless due to poor packaging on Skunky Designs’ part).
  • Customers will be given the option to include express postage, insure their package and/or have their package tracked, however this will incur extra fees.
  • Customers must pay for the postage of their orders. If postage is over quoted, a refund for the amount of postage not used will be given.

Repairs and Warranties

  • If items sustain damage within the first 30 days after it being in your possession, repairs will be given free of charge provided that the damage is not due to obvious misuse (eg. situations where the item was exposed to undue stress)
  • Shipping costs for any repairs are paid for in full by the customer. Skunky Designs is not liable for any damage sustained between your postal of the item and it being received.
  • If an item received for repairs is dirty or smelly, Skunky Designs retains the right to revoke your free repair or charge a fee for cleaning before any repairs are made.
  • If an item is repaired or altered by anyone other than Skunky Designs any warranties may be void.
  • Items used for anything other than their intended use (eg. Adult activities) will result in a loss of warranty.

Rights of Commission

  • Order deadlines will be made per each individual customer, however the general deadline for completion is 4 months after works start.
  • Changes to orders after the deposit has been paid may be turned down at the discretion of Skunky Designs.
  • Changes to orders after the deposit has been paid may incur extra charges and change the finish date on your order.
  • Any and all items posted online must have credit given to Skunky Designs and, where possible, at least one link to a Skunky Designs website (eg. Facebook or FurAffinity).
  • Copyright of any item created is retained by Skunky Designs.
  • Skunky Designs reserves the right to use any images or photos of the creation process and any images or photos thereafter as they see fit. This may include advertising, galleries and portfolios.
  • Skunky Designs retains all rights to created items and may duplicate them as they see fit, with the exclusion of personal characters and fursonas. Requests may be made to keep items as a “once only creation”, however the request may be denied and acceptance of this request may incur extra fees.
  • All items created by Skunky Designs may not be used for monetary gain unless permission is requested and given first (eg. Skunky Designs creates a fursuit that is then turned into a company mascot. Permission must be asked and a fee may be issued). Any items created for monetary gain may incur additional fees.


  • Skunky Designs is in no way responsible for any injury or harm to persons or property caused by the use of any item received from Skunky Designs.
  • Skunky Designs is in no way responsible for ill-fitting or miss-sized items due to incorrect measurements, recommendations or incorrectly constructed DTD’s provided by the customer.

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