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Welcome to the new website + Confurgence and 2016!

Welcome to the new and oh-so-shiny Skunky Designs website!

It’s still under construction, with many new items are still being put into the store over the next few months and Skunk Spray images and descriptions being updated, but it’s all functional, none-the-less! I hope you like it!!

And here is the wall of text update!

Confurgence and the crazy rush to get everything ready for it is over! It was lots fun seeing old friend, and making new ones! I had such a good time!

I had the privilege of being on the Fursuit MEGA Panel with SnapCat from, Vixen from White Chocolate and Raspberry, and Kai from Eastern Dragon Studios. I got lots of comments on how helpful the things that I said during the panel were, and I even learnt a lot too! I was even so taken aback by a personal compliment from SnapCat that I literally squealed! All in all it was such an amazing experience and I am just so thankful to everyone who attended, panellists and crowd alike!

Skunky Designs had the honour of putting a personalised prop and skunk spray scent into the charity auction which was won by the wonderful Kovu. He’ll even get to have his own character as the mascot for the scent that he chooses to bring into our range! I hope he’s as excited as I am!

It was so exciting to have so many people come up and talk to me as if I was a friend and not just a merchant, and everyone was so kind! It made the whole experience very pleasant, so thank you to everyone who came up and had a chat!

Now the new year’s work can really begin! All fursuit slots have been filled until mid year with a variety of styles being made, and FurDU will be super fun to prepare for with a whole lot of Toon Town themed props like Dynamite (TNT) sticks!

I’d also like to take the chance to thank Zeke who has helped (and basically taken over) the silicone and resin side of Skunky Designs for the last month. I have no idea what I would have done without your help!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Skunky Designs though 2015 and I hope you all like what the new year brings and that you continue to watch as everything grows!!